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Join our Coalition of Quality Post-Acute Care Providers entering into Community Health Choices Medicaid Managed Care

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Pennsylvania Coalition for Quality Post-Acute Care (PCQPAC)’s mission is to represent its high quality post-acute care providers/members in contracting with Managed Care Organizations (CHC-MCOs) and to ensure that providers are receiving sustainable future reimbursement rates.


PCQPAC provides members with ongoing support and representation, both from a lobbying and legal perspective, in managing all ongoing operational issues with DHS and CHC-MCOs as they arise.


PCQPAC provides strength in numbers: We are at a critical moment in the history of the long-term care health system in the Commonwealth and history has taught us that there is strength in numbers in meeting all of the challenges that are on the horizon.


PCQPAC provides members with one voice in negotiating sustainable rates. Member facilities receive assistance with operational issues arising with CHC-MCOs.